CPR Training

Train The Trainer

Do you own a company that requires your employees to become CPR certified?  TTC Safety Inc. Will train your trainer. With our comprehensive training classes, we will certify your trainers so they can teach and or certify your employees. This type of training can greatly reduce your companies liability with regards to employee liability.  Typical companies that benefit from these services are small to medium sized companies.  These companies are often involved in types of work that expose employees to situations are extreme in nature, or are isolated from emergency services. Ensuring that your employees are trained to handle these very specific situations are incredibly important when reducing your liability and exposure as an employer. Our training programs rigorously train each trainer/employee to ensure they understand the basic concepts involved in CPR training program. The well being of your employees is of upmost important to TTC Safety Inc.

Train The Trainer

Employee Training Classes

Not willing  or unable to take on the responsibility of hiring and maintaining a Certified CPR trainer?  TTC Safety Inc. will take on the responsibility of training each of your employees and certifying them in CPR.  Our training program will ensure that each of your employees is up to date with their CPR certifications. In our CPR training program, we will even send out yearly reminders, notifying your business or employee that their CPR certification is about to expire. We offer this service as a free benefit to our clients.  Our goal is to ensure that all of our clients are able to maintain compliance, reduce liability and ensure employee safety.  Contact TTC safety today to schedule your employees CPR Certifications.

Train The Employee