How to pass a DOT roadside inspection” with TTC’s DOT Compliance Training in Odessa Texas

Class Description: This DOT Compliance Seminar is hosted by TEXAS Training Center at the request of the industry. The course is made up of classroom discussions with question and answer segments. A hands on Level 2 inspection outside and a Q&A with a local DPS Trooper is a great way to break up the lecture part of the class. During the mock roadside inspection everyone is encouraged to get involved and ask as many questions as you would like. The purpose of this class is to help your employees be prepared for a roadside inspection at any time. This is a DOT Compliance Course in Odessa Texas The class will focus on

  • Level II Inspections
  • CDL Law
  • Q&A with a DPS Trooper
  • Hours of Service, FMCSR Part 395
  • Parts and accessories for safe operation (Equipment), FMCSR Part 393
  • Transportation of Hazardous materials, FMCSR Part 397
  • How to navigate through a completed DOT inspection report

Out Of Service Criteria

Drivers or vehicles are not to continue operating if the driver or vehicle was placed out of service for any reason. The consequences can be severe if you leave before the out-of-service situation has been rectified or if the vehicle is driven before the out-of-service repairs are made. Sections 383.51 and 391.15 of the regulations outline the penalty structure for drivers and carriers who violate out-of-service orders, with actual disqualification periods and fine amounts being subject to the individual judge’s discretion. The penalty schedule is as follows:

First violation disqualification for 90 days to 2 years,

Second violation during 10-year period – disqualification for one to five years,

Third or subsequent violation during 10-year period – disqualification for three to five years,

Fines §383.53 sets fines ranging from $1000 to $2500 for drivers who violate an out-of-service order. Your carrier is also subject to a fine if it requires or allows you to violate an out-of-service order.

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Types of Roadside Inspections

Following is a brief description of the various levels:

Level I – This is the North American Standard Inspection. It includes examination of documents the driver is required to carry and a detailed vehicle inspection.

Level II – This is called the Walk-Around Driver/Vehicle Inspection. It includes an examination of the driver’s documents and vehicle inspection items that can be inspected without physically getting under the vehicle.

Level III – This is a Driver-Only Inspection. It involves checking the documents and items related to the driver only.

Level IV – These are Special Inspections. These usually involve a one-time examination of a particular item, such as checking drivers’ licenses or checking a vehicle’s brakes.

Level V – This is a Vehicle-Only Inspection. It is the same detailed inspection of the vehicle that is conducted during a Level I inspection, but is conducted without a driver present. This kind of inspection may be done during a compliance review at a carrier’s place of business.

Level VI – This inspection is an Enhanced NAS Inspection for Radioactive Shipments. As the name implies, this level of inspection is specific for select radiological shipments.
The Level I inspection is the one most often conducted.

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