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Bilingual Courses Taught Daily

About TTC Safety Inc.

We have become a top tier training facility in Odessa, Midland and the surrounding Permian Basin. We are a family owned business that has deep roots in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. Our Instructors are nationally certified and locally experienced to provide the highest quality training.

We seek to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success.  Through development-appropriate instruction, our training techniques accommodate individual differences and learning styles. Our training promotes a safe, orderly and  supportive environment. We strive to encourage everyone attending our classes  to be actively involved in the training process, which helps reinforce the information that they themselves one day may need.​ Our team  is located in Odessa Texas, the unofficial capital of West Texas.

Covid 19 Update

TTC Safety is dedicated to ensuring the Health and Safety of our employees and clients.  The following steps have been implemented to limit exposure and prevent spread of Covid-19.  Monthly safety meetings can be conducted remotely using Zoom Video Conferencing. All students in our training center are sitting one to a table which are 6 feet apart . Social distancing requirements are in place in our building (everyone must remain 6 feet apart). All persons entering are asked to make use of our sanitizer station at the front door. Students are encouraged to wash your hands for 20 seconds or more as often as possible while at the training center (posters are posted in bathroom and entrances). We are asking all students to bring your own pens (Blue or Black). Students are asked to fill out a questionnaire before being accepted in class. Non-contact temperature checks are conducted as soon as students enter our training center. Students and staff are encouraged to use a mask while at the training center. The temperature is set at 66-69 degrees just like at hospitals.



We have partnered with PEC Safety to provide the best quality and most cost effective safety training possible to our clients. 

Our Facility provides daily bilingual PEC SafeLand Basic Orientation, and  PEC H2S Clear courses. We provide a full suite of safety training. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive  training  without compromising quality. We strive to reduce oilfield and industrial accidents by providing industry specific safety training. Our goal is to increase worker awareness and participation in client safety programs, and to conduct all learning with the highest level of honesty and integrity.

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Our Location

Our headquarters is located in Odessa Texas, the capital of oil country.

We Specialize in PEC SAFELAND OSHA and OSHA Safety Training.

We are conveniently located one block North of 8th Street.

855 Central Drive, Suite 31-A, Odessa, Texas 79761